Dj Quik Talks Evolution of Music Scene


The growing public appeal of gang affiliations within the music industry is at an all-time high, with numerous artists currently claiming to have legitimate ties to both Blood and Crip sets, whether or not they officially got initiated or not.  Two artists in particular who have been open about their Piru Blood ties are YMCMB’s Lil Wayne and more recently, Chris Brown.  During an interview with Sway In The Morning on Wednesday, October 8th, DJ Quik spoke on the glorified gang ties that exist in the music industry now, as opposed to his days in the spotlight.

Quik, a longtime affiliate of the Bloods, believes that the representation that Lil Wayne and Chris Brown give to the gang are “honoring” but at the same time, “laughable” because he doesn’t think that they really know what living that gang life is all about.  Around the 22:30 mark,  Quik spoke about his younger years and how he was one of the first artists to openly represent his Blood flag to the masses at a time when the beef between the Bloods and Crips was very high. He thinks that in this day and age, artists are allowed to represent gangs way too easily, and that they use it as a marketing tool to give them street credit.  When addressing Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, DJ Quik stated:

“It’s kind of honoring, but it’s laughable too at the same time.  They don’t really know what that s**t is about. We took that s**t way seriously. We were trying to survive through that s**t. They got it too easy.”

How do you feel about DJ Quik’s views on gang affiliation in Hip Hop today?  Do you think Chris Brown and Lil Wayne got down with the Bloods “too easy”?

Source: AllHipHop



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