Ross Is Disappointed In Timbaland For Releasing Different Version Of “Movin Bass” Track


Rick Ross’ new album Hood Billionaire includes the Timbaland produced track “Movin’ Bass” with Jay Z, but Timbo rocked the Internet when he previewed a version of the song featuring his new artist Think. Many began to ask why Ross decided not to release the Tink edition. In a Google Hangout interview with Sway Calloway, the Maybach Music Group boss explained the album version of “Movin’ Bass” was the original, and in his opinion Timbo should not have dropped the second track.


Ross said:

Timbaland released his version that I was real disappointed in hearing. Me and Jay created the original version. That’s one of the records we vibed up when he had a couple of sessions. Of course Timbaland produced it and had the production on it for a little while. I went by the studio before, and he played me the version. I was like, “I see what you did, but chill on that. We’re doing our thing on that.” I was disappointed with homie on that.

When asked to speak on the fact that his version was created first, Ross stated:

That’s one of the things that was disappointing in homie. I felt like we’re bigger than that. We’re bosses. I expect homie to clarify that whenever he makes his rounds. Most definitely, me and Jay did that record.

Ross goes on to add that he spoke to the producer about the matter and it is “all love,” but the Miami rapper says Tim needs to “fix that problem.”



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