Busta Rhymes Addresses His Fall From Stage: Just For The Record, I’m Super Good

<> at B.B. Kings on April 12, 2009 in New York City.

Busta Rhymes isn’t embarrassed about his tumble off stage during O.T. Genasis’ show in New York this past Friday as he took to Twitter to laugh off the incident.

After making a surprise appearance at his protege’s show at Webster Hall, the Hip-Hop vet got a little too excited before Genasis’ chorus for “Coco” and ended up falling off stage. After being picked up by security, Busta was seen with a bloody head wound from the fall. Busta thanked friends and family for the well wishes and explained how his “passion” got the best of him.

“I salute all calls from family and friends [making] sure I’m good,” he tweeted. “Just for the record I’m super good! When you love what you do and you’re passionate about winning, you go hard! We done fell off stages and broke limbs while performing and kept going!!! We stay on level 10! We just took one step too far off the stage and that was it! Sh** happens but I love it cause we live it!”

After his energetic tweets, he retweeted a joke from Jermaine Dupri calling him a dungeon dragon.

Check out Busta’s tweets about the incident below.






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