Diddy Put Hands On Drake & It Wasn’t To Congratulate Him!!


Two of hip hop’s biggest names reportedly went at it in Miami this weekend. According to MTV, Drake and Diddy got into an altercation during DJ Khaled’s birthday party at LIV on Sunday night plus it was also open to the public. Multiple high-profile rappers and DJs were reportedly in attendance, including Rick Ross, Just Ivy, and others.

The rappers were among a bevy of musicians celebrated late Sunday into the early morning hours Monday when the melee broke out, by some accounts outside the club.

  • “I witness @Drake get slapped by @iamdiddy outside the back of LIV with my own eyes,” wrote a Twitter user named @DjAce_LLC who describes herself as a sports agent, manager, and entrepreneur.
  • “Diddy put hands on that boy And he ain’t go 0-100 That boy left,” wrote DJ Sam Sneak on Twitter, alongside an emoji of a sleeping face.
  • Drake at the hospital smh,” he also wrote. “He dislocated his shoulder. “Yall pray for Drake.”


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