Do This Mean Chief Keef And Migos Buried The Hatchet On Their Beef??


Have the year-long beef between Chief Keef’s GBE crew and Migos been put to bed. An Instagram picture posted late last night, Dec. 8, was of him and Migos together and seemingly in good spirits. The duo have been trading jabs online through music and in real life for the better part of a year now, so it is good to see what was becoming an explosive beef is now apparently settled, via

Chief Keef, Migos

Chief Keef Instagram post, Migos posted the same picture on their Twitter account with the simple caption “Miglo.” Miglo mashes together Migos and Glory from GBE, which stands for Glory Boys Entertainment. This seems pretty definitive that they are putting past differences behind them and trying to move forward.

  • MIGOS™ (@MigosATL) December 9, 2014

Even more proof of reconciliation comes from GBE member Tadoe, also featured in the other pic, who posted on his Instagram a different picture then that of Chief Keef and Migos. It is in the same place as the previous picture and shows the group members, including Migos later on in the night, still in good spirits and plenty of party supplies on hand.

Before things got out of hand, a third party is believed to have been a mediator in ending differences between the parties.


So do this mean we well be seeing a Migos & Chief Keef Collaboration?? Comment & let me know your thoughts


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