Mack Maine : Lil Wayne “Carter V” Set For 2015 Released

Lil Wayne

Apparently Lil Wayne’s public outcry has put Cash Money Records in motion as it’s believed the rapper’s new album, “Carter V”, will be released in the first quarter of 2015.

That’s the word from friend and fellow Cash Money artist Mack Maine who expects the record to hit wax in the next few months.

In an interview with Miami radio station 99 Jamz, Young Money president Mack Maine discussed the rapper/CEO’s rift with Baby and Cash Money, as well as the projected release date for Wayne’s long-awaited eleventh studio release. The bad news? It won’t drop for at least another month. The good news? There’s another project in the works as well.

“He’s touching up the album and about to start another special project for the people,” Mack Maine said. “I can’t give a definitive date [for Carter V]. I can just say first quarter for sure […] It’s coming out. Don’t get it twisted like it’s not coming out.”

Listen Mack Maine’s full interview with 99 Jamz below:

“That’s my uncle and my brother that you’re talking about. I pray that everything works itself out. I got an optimistic, positive vibe about everything. It’s just some business that’s gon’ need to be handled. Once that’s handled we’re going to keep moving. And it’s getting handled as we speak.

  • Mack Maine also spoke about Wayne’s public fallout with Cash Money Records. Following the rapper’s Twitter proclamation that he wants off of the label that launched his career, Mack assures that things are being worked out on the business end. He commented on the rift between Wayne and Baby.

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Discussing his role as the “mediator,” Mack referred to the situation as a family matter. He also expressed support for Wayne’s decision – whatever it may be.

“Everybody has their breaking point, maybe he reached his breaking point. I support Wayne 1,000 percent. I feel like this matter will get resolved. Period. If I’m still around it’ll be resolved.”

Looks like Lil’ Wayne fans have to hold their breath for his Tha Carter V album a little longer.


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