Instagram Purges & Mase Get Hit Hard Losing 1.5M Fake Followers Then He Deletes Account


If you have an account on popular social networking site Instagram, then you may have noticed your number of followers take a dip today, as IG just cleaned house, getting rid of millions of fake followers. While most lost tens, maybe hundreds of followers after the purge, many big names in the industry took a huge loss, some of whom lost over a million ghost followers.



Mase perhaps is the most noted, going from 1.6 million followers down to just 272,000, losing more than 1.5 million “fans,” and soon deleting his IG account altogether. “Smack That” artist Akon also lost a significant amount of love, dropping from 4.3 mill to 1.6 million followers. Both Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez reportedly lost about a million followers each while Basketball Wives star Draya admitted to losing about 300,000.





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