XXL Says: Nicki’s Pinkprint Is At “The Very Least A Slight Homage” to Jay Z’s Blueprint

pinkprint vs blueprint

Nicki Minaj’s latest album, The Pinkprint, has left quite the impression on both Hip-Hop and pop fans, as she’s being praised for her lyrical prowess as well as her ability to reach commercial audiences with the album. “Jay has had his Blueprint albums and that’s what I feel like this album’s gonna be,” she told BBC 1Xtra‘s DJ Semtex in an interview on Friday. I really feel like this album will be like a Blueprint for female rappers to come.”  Still, it would be difficult to compare The Pinkprint to Jay Z’s The Blueprint, as one just dropped less than a week ago and the other was considered an instant classic by many within the culture.

PinkPrint vs BluePrint

XXL Magazine took it upon themselves to compare the two, as it’s clear Nicki’s new album title is at the very least a slight homage to Jay’s 2001 classic. While the comparison isn’t completely out of the blue, more than a few Hip-Hop fans have a problem with Nicki’s album being measured next to an album many consider one of the best within the genre, and they made their opinions known via Twitter by slamming the publication for even mentioning both albums in the same breath.

Check out the slanderous remarks from fans towards XXL for comparing the two albums above.







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