Controversy Or Not, Birdman Next Move Is Amazing


Naturally, you’re wondering if Kingpin is signing a 5-album deal to Cash Money Records? That info wasn’t revealed in the Sony hack, so it seems you’ll have to actually read the comic book to find out.

What we know about the Spider-Man issue (get ready for more randomness) is that it’s apparently in collaboration with Lugz, the company with which Birdman released the Lugz Birdman Boot two decades ago. According to Lugz’ VP Rashaun Smith, the cover was done to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the boot.

Lil’ Wayne may not think Birdman is superhero material, but Marvel does.

While Cash Money Records is currently housing a few artists that want off the label, CEO Birdman appears none-to-phased on the Custom Edition cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #11. The rap mogul is seen sitting in a chair with his mitts likely in mid-hand rub while the notorious Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin signs on the dotted line

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Cash Money CEO’s Lugz boots, the company teamed up with Marvel for a special edition cover of the Spider-Man comic book. Featuring an animated Birdman in his signature pensive pose, The Amazing Spider-Man #11 collector’s edition was stocked at comic retailers in limited quantities. Lugz’s VP Rashaun Smith spoke on the partnership/

We put Kingpin from the comic world together with the kingpin of the music world with this special collector’s edition cover,” he told Hip-Hop Weekly.


If your search for the comic book has left you empty-handed, have no fear, eBay is here.


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