Ohio’s Trap Artist Mac Dealin, Is Back Like He Never Left!!

Mac Dealin

Finally dropping his Anticipated EP “A Hustlaz Story (The Short Film) after being pushed back by his label KoKorner Entertainment because of a situation over samples that was being used without permission.

Although it was set for a summer of 2013 release all I can say is that its finally here. A Hustlaz Story is that classic EP that you can’t just hear it just once, with songs like “Trappin Everyday” where he spit “You respect the cops/ your not my type/ you snitch on me you’re dying tonight” this track gives a true definition of Trappin on the hard street’s of Ohio with him reaching out to Cleveland’s all-star Caine to put the finishing touches on making this track a dope track.

Mac Dealin

Mac Dealin Trappin Everyday Feat Caine On ITunes 

Mac Dealin 2014-11-26-21-22-28-1

Which also bridged the gap for him to release his next single “Y’all See Me” doing big numbers on “YoRaps” help put him in the Top 40 Music Charts. Opening gateways and New Ave’s for Mac Dealin to be able get placements in several Mainstream Magazine.



For Those who need to be caught up on who Mac Dealin is I’ll give you a little insight on him. He’s coming out of Mansfield Ohio born & raised “Mac Dealin” was always so artistic started off doing music at a early age starting out rapping as a group calling their self “The Usual Suspect” but the group was disbanded & thats what sparked his solo career.

He dropped several songs before releasing his song “Full Tyme Hustla” which was on Dj Omega Red “09 First Round Draft Pick” & several other mixtapes.

It was officially then that Mac Dealin was introduced to the music world with his str8 forward lyrical style which helps gives him that edge of who he is while workin on his anticipated CD “A Hustlaz Story the EP Version which will be released Online Dec 25.

Mac Dealin has also been featured in three of Hip Hop’s best magazine such as “Hip Hop Weekly” , “Stardom 101 Magazine” formally known as (“Hip Hop Stardom 101”) & Paris Own “Mr Dreamz Magazine” & he just recently did a interview with “The Underground Fix Magazine” which is an independent magazine on the come up.

He worked with several well known indie artist in the game. I can say he’s what the game needs a very talented artist with an Entrepreneur mindstate. He’s a hard worker and very dedicated to what he puts his mind to doing. You will see much more of Mac Dealin in 2015.

A Hustlaz Story POSTER HD[1]-1

Mac Dealin A Hustlaz Story (The Short Film) Out Now On ITunes

Mac Dealin A Hustlaz Story (The Short Film) EP

“This Album was years in the making” with some great features on it such as “Caine” which is Krazie Bones New artist signed to his [The Life] label plus it got “AP (About Paper)” which is an artist who is a affiliate of D-Block….And many more

Just those features alone & his talent & raw straight forward way of expressing hisself over a trap beat is what makes this one of those albums that you gotta buy.


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