Plies On Chris Brown Beef: “I Can’t Beef With No N—a Like That”


  • Hip Hop Weekly recently caught up with Plies to discuss the ‘beef,’ which he says really isn’t a beef at all from his perspective.

“I can’t beef with no n—a like that. That won’t even look right from where I come from, n—-s would discredit me for being a part of a beef like that. It can’t be no beef like that on my end, so I don’t know what lil’ dude got in his feelings about. Mother f—-s who follow me on Twitter or Instagram know I talk what I talk everyday, and that ain’t going to never change.”

Plies also said he was disappointed by the online attack, considering the fact that he and Breezy had done music together in the past.

“For him to throw himself in that … I lost a lot of respect for dude. I have worked with him before, he reached out to me before, he had needed a feature for his project and I did it for him.”

In addition to addressing the Chris Brown situation, Plies explained how he plans to approach working with artists in the future. According to the Florida rapper, any upcoming collabs would have to be based on mutual respect, and not monetary gain.

“I try to feel my way through this s–t. I think a lot of times from a label standpoint, they want me to be a little bit more friendly than what I am. For me, I think it’s all about respect. I feel as if I’m one of the few dudes, if not the only dude, that still believe in principles over money. If the s–t right I’d f–k with it, I got a couple of features out there now with people that I f–k with.”

[Hip Hop Weekly]


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