Mempitz And Toya Wright Confirms Marriage Trouble On IG?


While Memphitz dropped a pretty clear hint that he and wife Toya Carter-Wright were experiencing some trouble in paradise earlier this week, Toya herself now seems to be confirming what fans suspected; that the two may be headed for a separation.

MempHitz has posted a few questionable posts on Instagram over the last couple months, which lead some to believe something might be going on in the Wright household.

In a series of IG posts, he talks about the hardships of being in a “public marriage”, how he might possibly be suffering a love lost and how it’s just him against the world. He says he can only rely on himself. Sighs…



In addition to Memphitz’s post, Toya took to Instagram to vent her frustrations, posting up a quote about love not being enough to sustain a relationship, ending with a line about forever being temporary.


@toyawright they tell me forever is temporary.

Check out the post above. Do you think these two have come to the end of the road? Sound off below.


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