Beef Is Cooked & Well Done, YG & DJ Mustard : “Squabbled Up And Got It Over Wit”


YG And DJ Mustard patchwork came from what appeared to be a rift over nonpayment going public earlier this week.

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But on NYE, they both posted the same pic with slightly different captions. Mustard chose a more mocking tone by stating, “What ya thought a head up was gone end this ?! Jokes on yall dick heads !!!!” For his part, YG was more direct by saying, “Me & bro @djmustard squabbled up and got it over wit.


The two plan to hit the studio again and most recently worked together on “2015 Flow” for YG’s album Blame It on the Streets


2015 is the takeover 4realz. Bless up Yall.” At a NYE event held at L.A.’s Supperclub, the two appear to be the best of friends standing on stage together. So, either they really squabbed it out or we got trolled. Or, we got trolled. We probably got trolled


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