Chris Brown Fears For His Life, After Gang Threats To Assassinate Him!!

chris-brownChris Brown is reportedly being targeted by gang members who want him to pay with blood. At least, that’s what Pulse News reports about the recent nightclub shooting in San Jose that left at least five people injured.

The troubled R&B singer has reportedly cancelled several of his upcoming performances due to the venues being inside of nightclubs, at the request of his girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Could these latest rumors be true? If they are, then Chris is probably right to be fearful for his life, as well as the safety of his girlfriend.

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Interestingly enough, this shooting may have been prevented. According to a report on The Santa Cruz Sentinel, police reportedly warned the nightclub that a Chris Brown show would potentially attract some kind of violence.

The police department encouraged the nightclub to hire more security for the event, but the security that was present was reportedly inadequate.

Instead of patting down each of the 700 people who attended the performance, the bouncers allowed waves of people into the nightclub without patting them down and checking them for weapons.

This reportedly allowed for the individual(s) who fired into the crowd that injured five people on Sunday morning. Police are still seeking the person(s) responsible for the shooting at the Chris Brown nightclub concert.

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Many reports have indicated that the recent shooting was the result of a scuffle in the crowd of concert-goers, but until the suspect behind the shooting is apprehended, nobody can really know for sure. In the meantime, Chris Brown is scheduled to perform in San Jose again in March.

If someone in the area is truly trying to take his life, will they show up for that performance as well?

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