Update: The Master Of Funk Is Still Flexin On Jay-Z (Video)


Funk Flex isn’t backing out from his lash out at longtime friend Jay Z. After calling his website Life+Times “trash” and accusing Jay of banning him from playing Dipset records at the 40/40 club, he went in again earlier in the evening today.

He first calls his website “trash” again and claims it doesn’t match the traffic his own site gets.

Even though I have this respect, I have such respect, I’m gonna let somebody try andhandleme. And I’ma tell you why,” he said.”

For the simple fact, in 2015 bro, I don’t do the caps in the text. I don’t work for you, I’m not a worker.

I want you to understand what my opinion of this is: in 2015, you are a commercial, corporate rapper that drops a little catch phrase every three months.”

FunkMaster Flex

He also says the text message isn’t the only method Jay has used to reach him.

We not scared of you,” he said.

This radio station doesn’t need you, or care. Actually, the whole company doesn’t need you. You can’t call the bosses like you do other things.”

After that, he goes in on him for sending him a “This is HOV” text and calls him a “corporate commercial rapper’ and that the “radio station doesn’t need him or care.”



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