Lil Wayne Is Not Just Coming For The Cash Money He’s Coming For The Whole Young Money Roster


According to the infamous gossip webloid, the Sorry 4 The Wait 2 emcee is ready to burn Cash Money Records to the ground and take big-name artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Christina Milian, Mack Maine and Lil Twist (among others) if and when the split goes through.

Cash Money has a distribution deal with all of the Young Money artists. Most likely the matter will have to be settled in court, but we’re told Wayne’s intent is clear he’s not leaving without his crew.

He said as much on the mixtape track, “CoCo

I ain’t trippin‘, I got Barbie, I got Drake too.”

Nicki and Drizzy are with Wayne one hundred and fifty because he was the one who saw the star in them from the start and gave them the opportunity,” source said.

Nicki Minaj and Drake became a part of Cash Money/Young Money all because of Lil Wayne so naturally their loyalty will be with him.

Like with Wayne it won’t be easy for them to get out of their contract with Cash Money but like all things contracts also eventually comes to an end,” the source revealed

Only time will tell if Weezy manages to successfully escape the clutches of the YMCMB alliance, or if he’ll manage to release his new album Tha Carter V.lil Wayne


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