NAKED Pic Of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s Masika Leaked


Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s Masika has become the latest victim of the naked picture leak! Hitting the web this morning, a few intimate pictures of the reality star show her in the bed, posing for what was likely intended for one man’s eyes only.

Unfortunately, they’re for everybody’s eyes now! Check out Masika’s nudes…. Masika Masika

Masika will share a photo of herself rocking nothing but her undergarments or nothing but some strategically placed pillows and blankets.

However, it seems Masika may have shared more of herself than usual, with she gave her lady lumps some exposure in a couple January 26 posts.

Masika hasn’t commented on the photos, nor has she mentioned if they were posted on accident or the result of someone hacking her ‘gram.

Did Masika accidentally give fans a video of her naughty bits on Instagram?


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