Rapper Turk From The Hot Boy$ Drops A Lawsuit On Cash Money Records


Turk,” is suing Cash Money Records claiming he’s owed $1.3 million for songs he wrote for the Hot Boy$, a group that includes rappers Lil Wayne, B.G. and Juvenile.

After news that Lil Wayne was suing Cash Money Records and Birdman for $51 million, another Cash Money artist is suing the label.

Turk says in his complaint that he began writing songs for Cash Money in 1998 under exclusive artist recording agreements in which he was promised artist advances, royalties and publishing advances and royalties. He has received none of these, his lawsuit says.

Cash Money has also failed to copyright any of his music, as required under the agreement,” Turk says.


Back in 2013, Turk spoke about his feelings towards the label and how he felt he was taken advantage of.

I felt like I got the short end of the stick on my deal when I was younger,” he said.

But now I know. People die from a lack of knowledge. When we don’t know, we got to suffer for that.

So I felt like that was my trials and tribulations for me to go through that to make me into the person that I am today. Some people might call it ruthless and hard. But, it’s business.

It’s just like my album, ‘Blame It on the System,’ somewhere down the line you gotta draw the line and take responsibility,” he added.

A person gotta answer for they actions. Me, would I do somebody the way [Birdman] did?

No, I wouldn’t. If I came up with a person, and I know rightfully something is theirs, yeah, I’ma make sure that everything is everything.”

Turk says he has not been paid any artist or music publishing royalties for the dozens of songs he has written, and that no accounting of royalties has ever been rendered by Cash Money.


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