LeBron James : If I Have A Problem With A Teammate Or Anyone I’ll Say It To Their Face

LeBron James

Over the weekend, LeBron James shocked fans and teammate Kevin Love when he sent out a tweet that seemed to aimed at him.

Stop trying to find a way to FIT-OUT and just FIT-IN. Be apart of something special! Just my thoughts,” the Cavaliers superstar wrote.

Love previously used the term “fit out” during the preseason. Despite how it was perceived, James first denied that the tweet had anything to do with his teammate, following the Cavs’ 120-105 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron later admitted that the tweet was, indeed, in reference to Love when speaking to a small group of reports… but then backtracked with a tweet denying it yet again.

If I have a problem with a teammate or anyone I’ll say [it] to their face and not over social media. That’s corny and wack!”

Love told ESPN that he was shocked to hear about the tweet. “Listen, I was caught off guard when I heard it,” Love said after practice.

I talk to LeBron every day. I know there has to be some sort of an angle. You guys have deadlines to make. There are 24-hour news services, and stuff has to be put out there.”

When asked if he believed that the tweet was directed toward him, or if he believed LeBron, Love admitted that he wasn’t sure. “I don’t know,” Love said. “I truly feel if LeBron had a problem with me or needed to talk to me, for good or for worse, he would have come up and talked to me. I talk to LeBron every day.”

Love & James

He said if he had a problem with me or any of the coaches or training staff, he’d go right to them. Initially, I was confused. I don’t feel bad.

You guys can write what you want to write. There’s no problem with us. I’m going to keep saying that I’m trying to help this team. That’s all that matters. I don’t need any validation.”

He knows that the Cavs will continue to be scrutinized, even if they continue their winning ways, as they have come out on top in 13 of their last 14 games.

James & Love

It’s more of a circus because we have so much talent here,” Love said.

It comes with the territory with LeBron and with this being a big story in sports this year and beyond. We know it’s going to continue to happen. We just have to keep fighting through it.”

James said he has an open-door policy with all his teammates.

That’s what I’m all about, man,” James said. “I’m not sugarcoating or hiding behind it. I got to see him every day, so if I have something to say to him, I’ll say it to his face. The rest of the guys too.

And I hope if they came to me and was like, ‘Well, you’re not leading us; we don’t believe what you’re saying, or you’re not [practicing what you preach],’ whatever the case may be, I would hope they would come to me as well.”


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