Stevie J Pleads Not Guilty In $1 Million Dollar Child Support Case


The voluptuous wife of reality-show star and hip-hop producer Stevie J stuck up for her man Tuesday in fiery fashion after he was confronted outside Manhattan federal court over allegations of being behind more than $1.1 million in child-support payments

Shut up! You don’t know him!” the busty beauty shot back in defense of Stevie J, while sporting a fur-trim coat, high-heel boots and skin-tight, gray sheath dress.

The reality star and former in-house beatmaker for P. Diddy is charged with failing to pay more than $1 million in child support for two kids despite making $27,000 a month as a star of the VH1 show.

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Steven (Stevie J) Jordan pleaded not guilty Tuesday to being a deadbeat dad.

Jordan was arrested last June in Atlanta on charges that he shirked his child support obligations in New York, failing to pay $1.1 million in court-ordered child support for his teen son and daughter who live with their mom — his former live-in girlfriend Carol Bennett – in Pennsylvania.

Judge Paul Crotty said it was “strange” the case was being tried in Manhattan Federal Court instead of state court, which sat well with Jordan.

I don’t understand what you are doing here,” Crotty said.

Stevie, in rebuttal, told the judge he believed he would save him from financial obligations because he is a “fair and a great judge who understands the system” and what “I’m going through here.”

Stevie insists he is paying support and always has just not the full amount.

My kids can go through a check really quick,” Stevie added.

My son wrote the judge a letter. I take great care of my kidsall my kids!”

Stevie explains his baby mama doesn’t live in NY (she lives in PA) and neither does he, so the judge thought it was odd that the case is even being heard in a NYC Federal Court and should be heard again back in Atlanta.

Jordan was ordered to pay $6,608 in 2001 for their two kids, which was increased to $8,557 in 2011.

On his way out of court Jordan took the opportunity to plug the upcoming season of the reality show, as well as new music “from his lovely wife.”

Following a court appearance last June, Stevie J was mum on the criminal charges when confronted by reporters. Instead, he proudly promoted a soon-to-be-released single with Snoop Dogg.

My new single,DNAwith Snoop, is coming out in the next few weeks,” he then boasted.

If convicted Stevie will face up to 2 years in prison, as well as increased fines.


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