Mo’Ne Davis Hits Kevin Hart With The Spin-O-Rama At The Celebrity All-Star Game


Mo’ne Davis is a certified beast on the mound, but many may not know she also plays other sports, with her favorite being basketball.

For this year’s Sprint All-Star Celebrity game, she was paired up with Kevin Hart for a head-to-head matchup.

The two are practically the same height, so it makes sense that they would duel.

As expected, Mo’ne put Kevin on a highlight reel during the 1st period, blazing past him with the crossover, then putting the spin move and finishing strong on the drive.

After heckling and taunting her at the free throw line and after fouls, Hart turned up the heat in the 3rd quarter.

He started showing flashes of Nate Robinson, going straight at the rim on numerous occasions, whether it was in transition or in a half court set.

At the end of the game, he was named the All-Star Celebrity MVP.


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