50 Cent Blasts Epic Records Over The Fact They Haven’t Posted “Bobby Shmurda” Bail. (Audio)


50 Cent shared his thoughts on Epic Records and called out the record label for not bailing promising artist Bobby Shmurda out of jail in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid.


The Queens rapper was joined by his G-Unit members as they talked about their new projects, activities for All-Star Weekend, the group’s international appeal and more.

When asked about Bobby Shmurda’s current situation, 50 says he wonders why his label hasn’t spoken out as of a late about Brooklyn rapper’s jail status.

Sha Money XL, the Epic label executive who signed Shmurda after his breakout hit,

Hot N***a,” was present when Shmurda and his GS9 crew were arrested in December. Immediately after the arrest, the executive promised to bail the rapper out of jail.

bobby-shmurda-hot-nigga50 spoke on Shmurda’s  situation and called the BK rapper a pure artist.

They’re influenced by the environment and that’s what they know.” he said.

You know what I’d really like to see? That check from Epic. Why they didn’t get Bobby out? Why they didn’t bail Bobby out? They got money on the man why they didn’t bail him out?”

Sha Money is also the ex-president of G-Unit Records. The two fell out of touch over the years and publicly discussed their issues last summer.

He also says that when Young Buck and Yayo faced jail time, he happily bailed them out.

We were in there just to do paperwork, roughly an hour and a half.” Buck says about a jail charge he faced at Madison Square Garden.


Ironically, Shmurda mentioned 50 during his exclusive interview with Billboard this week. The GS9 rapper explained how he aspired to be like 50, and how he feels abandoned by his label  since his arrested.

I just want to be like 50 Cent. Or Jay Z. It’s fabric,” he said.

I just want to be like 50 Cent. [Laughs.] I want to be like Biggie, Tupac. Fabric rap. Fiction rap.

No, no. They’re not bailing me out. They’re [Epic] not standing by me that much. Every time I call them, there’s excuses about [parent company] Sony, this and that.

So, nah. It’s more people on the streets that’s standing by me more than them. I haven’t gotten a visit from one of them yet. Nah.”


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