Ray J’s Girlfriend Princess Love Was Arrested & Charged With Domestic Abuse for Beating Him Up

Ray J & Princess

According to reports, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars found themselves in another brutal battle while hanging out in New Orleans last week and this time it landed Princess behind bars.

Bystanders reportedly told police they heard her threaten his life, she was screaming “I’m gonna kill you” Ray J escaped from the room where a hotel security guard saw him bleeding and called 911.

But Ray J is the one who bailed her out of jail and picked up the $10,000 bill to hire her a lawyer.

TMZ is reporting that officials have confirmed that ray J suffered broken ribs, a busted lip and a torn ACL as a result of Princess’ attack on him and she was arrested and charged with domestic battery.






Yes, Ray J was on the receiving end of the physical abuse. Unfortunately, abusive relationships happen in the United States, and you might think domestic violence statistics would indicate Ray J’s situation is rare.

However, it’s quite the contrary. According to statistics from Safe Horizon.

men are victims to nearly 3 million physical assaults.”

However, though abuse is no joking matter whether emotional, physical, mental or verbal do you think this particular situation is a joke?

According to medical sources, a busted lip takes up to five days to heal. And cracked ribs?

Well, there possibly wouldn’t have been performance just days after the incident, especially when there would have been fans grabbing at you possibly hurting those ribs.

So what do y’all think? We’ll soon find out how real this story is.


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