Ex-WWE Wrestler Chyna Twerk It Out In Video… But Not In A Good Way!!


These days, there seems to be more bad twerking videos on the Internet than good ones. Case in point, the latest offering from former WWE wrestler Chyna.

Professional wrestler/body builder Chyna (born Joan Marie Laurer) has clearly been influenced by the Hip Hop culture to release this, ummm, interesting, twerk video.

The 44-year-old didn’t seem to get the steps to making a great twerk video and succeeded at landing this one in the “WhatNotToDo” category.

If we ask someone like say, Amber Rose, who is crowned champion for best celebrity twerk videos, there would be a few basic rules to follow:

  • 1. Never ever twerk to Salt-N-Peppa’s ”Push It” no matter how many shots you’ve had.
  • 2. If your hands must be on your knees, be sure that the rear area is THEE only part of your body moving.
  • 3. Don’t go as far as making a full fledge iMovie out of the 1-minute. Less planning, more clapping.
  • 4. And lastly ladies, do not talk us through the video. That makes it seem like a awkward fitness video and we don’t need that. The twerkin’ should do all the talkin’.

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