Karrine Steffans Defends Her Past Via Instagram: I Cannot Be Broken’

Karrine Steffans

While many will always view Karrine Steffans in a negative light, she’s made it pretty clear that she’s unbothered by the naysayers who refuse to see her as anything more than a video vixen who can’t keep a secret.

After all these years, she’s often still confronted for her past and took a little time out to address those who still have something to say about her sexuality.

In the books and in past interviews, Steffans has detailed her flings with several rappers. From Jay Z to Jah Rule and many others, the part-time actress revealed a lot of racy details about her sexual encounters.

As a result, many labeled Steffans a groupie. Some even accused her of lying. Either way, she has constantly stuck up for herself, as seen in this recent Instagram post.

Her language is rather raw as well.

I’m a woman and I can suck as many d*cks as I want, just as men can suck as many p***ies and a**es as they want. And believe me, they do! I’m 36 years old. You can’t slut shame me, bruh!

Try that sh*t with some young girl who doesn’t know her worth is not directly correlated to her familiarity with penises. And even then, don’t f***ing do it.”


Steffans then went on to say how she’s not ashamed of her sexual choices, and she blasted some men for treating women badly.


She goes on to call out men who are just as promiscuous as women, and yet never get called on it, ending by saying she’s a grown woman who will do what she wants with whomever she chooses.


Years ago, the former hip-hop model and Wayne were an item. Now, the rapper is reportedly dating Christina Milian.

According to The Mos Dopest News Steffans wrote this to Milian back in January:

And most importantly, little girl, be careful not to claim a man who belongs to the world.”

Christina fired back.

It’s such a shame a woman has to settle for that mentality when no man has ever cared to claim that,” she replied.

The two seem to not have had any problems since, while Milian and Weezy continue to be a couple.

To see Steffans sexually charged Instagram post click here. It’s also accompanied by a risqué video, so be sure to use your headphones if you’re at work.


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