Breakfast Club: 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Talks Suge Knight, Cash Money & Dr. Dre….


But now that the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight has been confirmed for May 2, 50 Cent is throwing his support behind his frenemy. And this is not just chump change.

The rapper told Power 105.1’s the Breakfast Club that he’ll probably bet $1.6 million on Mayweather to take the fight.

He’s gonna smokeim. … it’s gonna look like it was pumped up for no reason,” 50 Cent said.

He focused right now.”

Rapper 50 Cent is pretty confident as to who is going to come out victorious. So confident, in fact, that he’s going to put a nice chunk of change on the fight.

Charlamagne and DJ Envy questioned why 50 Cent still makes music, considering the fact that it’s not his main bread and butter these days, but true to his form, he had an answer for that.

It may not be the biggest financial piece, but it’s still a passion connected,” he said.

It’s the reason I’m able to do all those things.”

When it comes to his relationship with Dr. Dre, 50 Cent believes that the disconnect between him and Jimmy Iovine ultimately caused the distance between him and Dre to grow on top of the weird East Coast-West Coast dynamic at Interscope.

At this point, Tony Yayo chimed in with how he feels about the situation.

We beat somebody up for Dr. Dre, I can say it now. No disrespect to L.A., but it was a whole lot of New York dudes beating somebody up for Dr. Dre,” he said.

He’s cool, I like his music and everything, but I feel like when you beat somebody up, they owe you a little bit.”

The crew concluded the interview by reiterating that they have a lot of music coming down the pike, and since 50 thinks that release dates are played out, it’s time to keep your ears open for new G-Unit drops.

The newly reunited G-Unit are preparing to drop their second EP The Beast


The first single from the project titled “I’m Grown.” Members Kidd Kidd, Young Buck, 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks get fly and flashy over the bouncy Honorable C.N.O.T.E. production.

Stream the song below and pre-order The Beast, which releases Apr. 3, on iTunes here.



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