Fan Gets Knocked Out While Trying to Jump Onstage While Boosie Was Performing. (Video)


This public service message about trying to jump up onstage at a Lil Boosie concert is brought to you by his security team and the letters G, T, F and O.

An excited fan hell-bent on getting onstage with rapper Lil Boosie finally got his wish, but it only lasted a few seconds…because the guy was quickly smacked back into the crowd.

Video footage of the incident, which took place at a gig on 20 February, only surfaced online this week and depicts an excited audience member attempting to pull himself up on the platform using the front stage speakers as support.

The beatdown was delivered during a recent show in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to our sources, the fan was acting drunk and repeatedly tried to climb onstage.

We’re told Boosie ignored him, and continued with his show, but security didnt they moved quickly to protect the hip-hop star from the overzealous fan and appeared to smack him in the face, causing him to fall back into the crowd.

We’re told the fan was eventually kicked out of the show…maybe literally.


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