Scarface Announces The Release Of His ‘Deeply Rooted’ Album Dropping Soon


Legendary Houston rapper Scarface has announced the release of his 12th album, Deeply Rooted which is due later this year.

He is also working on a book of the same name with writer Benjamin Meadows-Ingram.

In a trailer released today, Scarface talks briefly about the upcoming projects and also plays a couple of snippets from the album which can be heard in the background.

Quite evidently , he seems to be a fan of ScHoolboy Q’s ‘Man Of The Year’.

“Deeply Rooted” will be Scarface’s first album since 2008’s Emeritus but doesn’t have a release date set yet.

Given the H-Town veteran’s twenty-plus years of experience in the game, it’s natural that youngins turn to Scarface for advice on how to conduct their hustle. And he’s happy to oblige ‘em.

On The Exit Plan, his single off his next album Deeply Rooted, watch the video down below.

When asked last year in a interview would he be doing another album with The Geto Boys he responded:

We ain’t doing no album. That’s out. F**k that,” says Scarface. “Not with me. They can do that s**t. Will and Bill can do that s**t, but I’m out.”

The rap legend does adds that there is no beef between him, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill.

He just has no intentions of making another album as the Geto Boys. In fact, Face suggests he may be ready for full retirement for rap all together.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to be done with Scarface in a minute. I’m going to go Rock & Roll on y’all ass,” he says.

I’m gone. I’m out this b***h. When I say, ‘f**k rap, y’all can have it back.’ I mean that s**t. F**k rap. Y’all can have that s**t.

They’ve been trying to take that shit any motherf**king way. Might as wellIt’s time to go.”

Before he leaves, he mentioned that he will be dropping “Deeply Rooted,” which will be his 12th studio album, this summer.


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