The “Real Chance Of Love” Star “Chance” Shares Photos Of His Brother “Real” Funeral


Former VH1 reality show star Ahmad ‘Real‘ Givens was laid to rest over the weekend after losing his battle against cancer. His brother Chance kept fans and family members in mind when he decided to share several photos from the funeral.


The brothers were introduced to the world on the dating show “I Love New York,” and several other spin-off shows on the VH1 network. After Real’s diagnosis of Stage four colon cancer in 2013, he shared his tough journey on Instagram.


Chance, hoping to keep his brother’s legacy going, gathered with Real’s son and other family members, as they said their final goodbyes in California. He said before the service began,

Damn Man I lost the person who understands me the most. Everyone else makes me feel freaking crazy man….. @realstallionaire.


He continued his emotional words saying,

I’m trying to find it in my heart to stand through these crazy times, and I know one thing is for sure my brotheris that you are definitely in a better place than I am! You are free from this materialistic world that I’m growing to hate so much!”

I had no idea this kind of pain existed lord I just ask for your strength to get me through these tough times that I’m experiencing I know you work miracles lord and right about now I could use one! #Stallionaires4Life #Stallionaires,”


Some fans were puzzled by Kamal’s decision reveal to photographs of Ahmad’s funeral on Instagram, but he cleared up the issue. According to Kamal, he made the decision to share the service for those who weren’t able to attend.  In the caption, Kamal wrote:

I hope you all enjoyed @realstallionaire service I felt this is the least I could do for all the family, friends and fans who wanted to attend his service. We love and and see you next post!

TMZ broke the news that the 33-year-old died this past February. Real had been diagnosed with Stage Four colon cancer in 2013, and his health was up and down for the past couple years.

In December 2014, Ahmad underwent surgery to remove tumors and part of his liver, but a fall in January left him bedridden. Sadly, Ahmad’s condition worsened, and Kamal confirmed to TMZ that his brother died just hours after a family visit to the hospital.



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