Safaree Ran Out The Hood In Brooklyn By Goons While Trying To Film Rap Video


While attempting to shoot a video in Brooklyn, SB got confronted by some unidentified men in Flatbush and got sent packing.

In a video clip posted to Instagram earlier today (March 11, 2015), A handful of men surround SB in the video, who are talking very reckless to the upstart, & decide that he’s not allowed on the premises. One man instructs,

get the f**k outta here, real talk.”

Samuels doesn’t protest in the least, he turns right back around and goes to his car.

Then there’s a second video in which he’s sitting in the vehicle being confronted once more and again keeps a stone face.

Samuels, a Brooklyn native, showed up to what looks like a video set rocking a wine-colored fur jacket look, fitted cap, and jeans. The outfit alone made him standout, and it doesn’t look like the goons were feeling his presence.

After a brief back and forth about SB being out of pocket, another man, who is attempting to cover his face, enters the camera’s view and Scaff promptly exits stage right. #Shocker

There aren’t many details on why the men on the video decided he wasn’t welcome on their block — all we really heard them say was


Over and over…

The encounter was awkward to say the least. And it gets worse. Meek Mill (Nicki’s rumored new boo) just so happened to like one of the videos on Instagram.


Samuels hasn’t said anything about the incident but he has been busy posting photos to IG in that same fur coat.

Maybe that’s his way of showing that he’s unbothered by the whole thing.



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