Watch Rapper Plies Get Body Slammed By Fan At Florida Concert Last Night & Fan & Plies Respond!!


Rapper Plies got viciously thrown to the ground by a fan, right in the middle of his concert.

The “Becky” rapper was performing Friday night in Tallahassee, FL and invited the fan on stage. But things turned real ugly real fast, when the fan got way too close to Plies.

You hear the rapper warn the guy he’s in his space, and then the fan snaps apparently he felt Plies was embarrassing him.

The fan then bear hugs the rapper and throws him off the stage.

Everyone then goes insane.

The fan was thrown out of the building, courtesy of security. The crazy part Plies got right back up on stage and continued rapping as fights were breaking out in the crowd.

Several different videos have surfaced online showing the incident, as well as a clip of the beating the attacker took at the hands of club security.

In less than 24 hours, the fallout has been swift. Sporting a swollen lip and with bruises all over his face, the fan uploaded a video giving his side of the story.

He claims that he has always been and will continue to be a major Plies fan but felt publicly disrespected by the rapper on stage and reacted accordingly.

The attacker went home and started uploading videos … explaining his side.

On the other hand, Plies took to his Instagram account to address the incident.

In clips that were soon deleted, the rapper vehemently claimed that there was no security at the venue, despite video evidence to the contrary.

Soon afterward, he seemed to be taking the whole thing in stride as he posted another clip seemingly mocking the entire incident.


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