Pacers’ Chris Copeland & GF, Katrine Saltara Stabbed In NYC Attack, 2 Atlanta Hawks Arrested


Chris Copeland of the Indiana Pacers & girlfriend, Katrine Saltara was stabbed after leaving a trendy New York nightclub early Wednesday, and two Atlanta Hawks who had just finished a home game hours before the incident were among those arrested, according to police

The Hawks were not involved in the stabbing incident, police said, but were arrested on obstruction and other charges later

Copeland and Saltara tried to make their way back to the club to seek help from the 20 or so security personnel on hand, leaving a “bloody trail of handprints” between the site of the stabbing and the club, the spokesperson said. Copeland

almost landed right next to the club,” the spokesperson said,

adding that surveillance footage will not show the actual stabbing because it occurred too far away from the club.


The suspect, who the spokesperson said never entered 1OAK, stabbed Copeland and Saltara in front of Fulton Houses, and according to the club’s statement,

Mr. Copeland’s driver sprang to accost and detain the apparent perpetrator and that individual is now in police custody.”

Charges against the suspect are pending, and his name will be released once charges are filed, Ort said.

Two members of the Atlanta Hawks — Thabo Sefolosha and Pero Antic — were also taken into custody for allegedly obstructing the crime scene at 1 OAK on West 17th Street.

Atlanta Hawks players

Police said the two refused to leave the scene after multiple commands to move. One of them allegedly pushed and kicked a police officer, CBS2’s Ilana Gold reported.


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