Nikko London Drops “Sexy Bad Bit**es” Song & MiMi Responds


If you thought that the FIRST MiMi and Nikko sextape was good . . . . WAIT until you see the SECOND.

We learned that there is a SECOND MiMi and Nikko sextape and this one has MiMi and Nikko having a MENAGE with another woman.

Oh and it gets better. Nikko, being the SLEAZEBAG that he is .. . is using a SCREEENSHOT from the new tape . . . as the ARTWORK for his new single.

sexy bad bitches cover

Check it out right Here Called SEXY BAD B*TCHS.

Mimi responds & this what she had to say:

Any notion that there is another sex tape, much less a group sex tape is absolutely false.

Its unfortunate and unprofessional how a media outlet would support such a claim with a picture that CLEARLY does not have me in it.

This is just an attempt by a fledgling individual trying to promote what little he has left. As before, my name is just being used for fame. Stevie J and Joseline have left the show so I guess he is trying to get more air time.

I feel sad for his bruised ego, but I am really trying to focus on my daughter, my career and many new entrepreneurial pursuits.


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