Eastsidaz, Tray Deee Speaks On His Opinion On Game & Young Thugs Beef

Trey Deee

The Long Beach rapper, best known as one-third of Tha Eastsidaz, recently sat down with NoahTV, offering his thoughts on Thugger.

That’s the fag rapper?” Tray Dee asks, when questioned about Young Thug.

I don’t know what the dude is, I never listened to his music. I just heard him sayBaby was his girl and he loves Baby.”

As far as Young Thug claiming to be a blood, Tray Dee is kind of shocked.

Wow, I don’t think real ones are allowing it to happenI don’t think something it’s be allowed on a scale like that’s a good thing to do.

It’s like, ‘Ay homie, if they want to be part of it, latch onto him, charge him and we’ll have access to whatever we want through them.

Whatever they got action to.’ It’s a circus now.”

As for Game’s issues with Thugger, Tray Dee believes Birdman should set up a match between the two, so they can settle their differences.


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