Nicki Minaj X BeYonce – “Feeling Myself” (Video)

beyonce-nicki-minajIf you’re among the few paid subscribers to Tidal, you were gifted today with exclusive access to the duo’s new music video for “Feeling Myself.”

Shrewd move, guys! The video is excellent.

Beyoncé and Nicki are on their game.

And the fact that you can only watch it if you pay for Tidal, well, it’s just so good that it might actually be worth ponying up the cash.

Feeling Myself” is a single of Minaj’s latest album, Pinkprint, with Beyoncé’s involvement presumably the returned favor for Minaj guesting on the remix for “Flawless.”

The song itself is a superb example of catchy nothingness, featuring traded swagger between two of music’s most ferocious lyric-spitters, centered around a satisfyingly braggadocio chorus that has the pair repeating that they’re “feeling myself.”

Feeling Myself” is in the vein of Beyoncé’s semi-recent 7/11” video. It’s another example of that Beyoncé-perfected thing, where she makes an obviously carefully orchestrated and complicated video shoot come off as casual improv.

Changed the game with that digital drop/Know where you was when that digital popped/I stopped the world/Male or female, it make no difference/I stopped the world, world stopCarry on.”

Full Video down below

Nicki Beyonce


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