Chris Brown, Kid Red Threaten Tyson Beckford Over Karrueche Tran


What happens on Instagram, doesn’t always stay on Instagram! Tyson Beckford recently took to the popular social media site where he shared a picture with Karrueche Tran.

Saturday with @Karrueche #Vegas #Palms #Blasian,” he captioned while smiling for the camera.


tyson tran

Looks pretty innocent, right? Not according to her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

In a series of social media posts that have all been deleted, the rapper reportedly left statements that showed he was not happy by what he saw.

I’m done all this Internet talking blood. Be in Vegas soon,” he tweeted Sunday.

Keep playing ima fk ya baby momma and then whoop yo child like he mine.”


He also wrote,

U wanna keep walking them runways. I need ta legs for that. Keep playing like I ain’t wit the bullshit.”

chris _beckford

Furthermore, Chris also allegedly commented on his friend’s Instagram that slammed Tyson for his photo.

As it turns out, all the chatter online may not even be worth it.

A source told E! News that there is nothing going on romantically between Tyson and Karrueche.

Instead, Karrueche is just a friend who will be watching Tyson in a Chippendales show sooner rather than later.

Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran, Instagram

Tyson was just being playful but it seemed that Chris got jealous,” our insider shared with E! News.

He is not looking for issues with Chris at all.”

For even further confirmation, Tyson himself tweeted to Chris Sunday night to help calm things down.

“@OfficialChrisBrown it’s all about fun in Vegas,” he wrote.

Come thru papa.”


That had nothing on the initial reaction of Brown’s buddy Kid Red when the emcee saw the photos. Understand that the following quote was riddled with emojis in its original form, including handguns and eight-balls.

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND aka the n*ggas will be out,” he posted with a selfie.

We just came to party tho, unless a n*gga wanna try usAnd that includes u model n*ggasCough Cough” #TysonBeckFord, we see everything LiL n*gga.”



So we assume Chris is on the first flight to Vegas from Cannes where he has been living it up the past few days. 

We’ll definitely be watching as Memorial Day weekend comes to a close. Perhaps more fireworks are in our future.



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