Judge Issues Arrest Warrant On The Game For Making Criminal Threats To An Off Duty Officer

The Game

The Game has been slapped with a felony charge related to that fight he got into during a basketball game and a judge has issued a warrant for his arrest.

The L.A. County D.A. charged Game this week with one count of making criminal threats, according to docs.

The threat came when he allegedly said,

I’m going to kill you

to an off duty LAPD officer.

TMZ broke the story … Game and the cop got into it back in March while they were playing in a league hoops game.

Even though you can clearly see Game punch the guy in the video we obtained…he was NOT charged with battery.

Our law enforcement sources point out the punch would have just been a misdemeanor as opposed to the felony for threats.

Game denies making the threat and claims the cop insinuated he had a gun in his gym bag.

Game dropped A few hashtsgs & let it be known he will be turning his self in.

“#FineN***aFriday relaxing in the sauna before I turn myself in….. But what you gone do when you get outta jailI’m gonna have some fun.. 1st #ImGoingGroceryShopping #iAintTalkinNoFoodEither #ImEatinTheBooty.”

The rapper included more hashtags in his post,


Check out the video that started it all down below:


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