As Twitter CEO Costolo Gets Ready To Step Down Snoop Dogg Saids “Im Ready To Lead Twitter”

Twitter ceo/snoop

Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo is about to step down from his job as head of the social media company, and the popular app will be looking for a new chief executive. Snoop Dogg wants a crack at the position.

The rapper started the #SnoopforCEO and #ifSnoopWasTwitterCEO hashtags.



Uncle Snoop got a good number of retweets (aka retwizzles) and replies. Some of his followers added,

You got my vote.”

Snoop does have some good business ventures under his belt already! #SnoopForCeo




A lot of people are weighing in on Twitter’s difficulties, suggesting several different avenues for the company to explore.

But some analysts are arguing the company hasn’t seen enough changes.

If Twitter wants to survive its stalled growth, users that try it and leave it, and slumping stock, the company needs a major revamp — and a new CEO isn’t enough (even if that new CEO was, say, Snoop Dogg).

Investor Chris Sacca is urging Twitter to become more user friendly.

If someone isn’t sitting at a computer all day, and can only check Twitter every once in a while, the timeline can seem too overwhelming, he says.

It can be hard to find the best tweets — or even the most relevant ones — because tweets happening now become more important than anything else, he adds.

Sacca suggests implementing channels to filter information.

“To be successful, Twitter channels would require:

  • A. A separate tab (or app).
  • B. Consistent, focused content.
  • C. Human editorial enhancement.”

Along a similar line of thinking, analyst Ben Thompson called for Twitter to open itself back up to third-party developers who could create different ways to make Twitter work for different kinds of users.

Thompson says having third-party apps could help, but adds that Twitter has damaged its relationships with developers.

That relationship could be mended by a new CEO.

At least one Silicon Valley CEO was convinced.

Anyone who follows the tech industry knows that Aaron Levie, chief executive of cloud-storage provider Box, wins Twitter on a regular basis.

His response to Snoop was no exception, and the rest of the conversation was 140-character perfection.







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