Troy Ave Addresses 4,500 Album Sales, Social Media Criticism On The Breakfast Club


last week, the first-week album sales for Troy Ave‘s new LP, Major Without A Deal, were revealed, and they weren’t pretty.



Outside of the fact that he was only able to move under 4,400 copies, a snapshot of his Soundscan report revealed that he’d only sold 30 physical copies.

This morning, the Brooklyn native hit the Power 105.1 studio in New York City to explain that his numbers were unfairly represented, and that the Billboard report that delved into the real math and science of why his physical numbers were so low would help shed some light on what’s really going on with his album.

Basically it was like themom & popstores had them, and if people came and asked for them early they was just giving them,” explained Troy

It was really this one store in The Bronx that sold the 30 copies. But shout out to them. They got my music out. I ain’t tripping.”

He went on to compare his hustle to that of Jay Z and Dame Dash when they were shopping Reasonable Doubt prior to joining forces and forming Roc-A-Fella, and his problems with the media to modern-day slavery.

It said I sold 4,500 records, but if I’m getting 95% of my breadwithin that week, from that Friday to Saturday, whatever, I made 120 bands ($120,000) between the record sales, between 30,000 singles, between doing hostings,” Troy explained.

When you really independent, it don’t matter. You gotta get the slow grind.”

At the end of the day, I’m here to make money. I’m here to get the paper.”


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