Meek Mill Denies Rumors That He Got Nikki’s Ex, Safaree, Banned From BET Awards

mills sway

While Safaree didn’t point fingers at anyone in particular, accusations came about that Meek Mill was the one that got Nicki’s former boyfriend banned from the event.

Yesterday Meek had an interview on Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning radio show and used that time to clear up rumors that he had any part in Safaree getting banned.

He asked about he said it had nothing to do with him and that Safaree has never been invited to the BET Awards without Nicki. He said,

“I don’t get people banned. That’s like calling the cops and we don’t call the cops. What we have to get him banned from the BET Awards for?

He ain’t never been to the BET Awards by himself.

I don’t even think he was invited. I don’t really like those accusations. [Nicki] asked me, like he said I did it. I don’t get people banned.”

The Philly rapper said,

“That ain’t no sh*t you do to some girl that’s been taking care of you and looking out for you for years.”

Meek also addressed rumors that he got Safaree kicked out of the BET Awards, and he was unsure if the Brooklyn

“If you in a situation you ain’t happy in, make a move and do what you wanna do. Who can really tell you that you’re wrong? Nobody really knows what’s going on in your life and your situation behind closed doors.”

His freestyle exploits continued this morning during his appearance on Sway in the Morning, as he accepted the “5 Fingers of Death” freestyle challenge, rapping off the dome based on cue words fed to him by Sway. Sway played a variety of classic beats by Philly artists, including “Clones” off The Root’s Illadelph Halflife and “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

check out his full 35-minute interview with Sway below:


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