Meek Mill Disses ‘LHHNY’ Rapper Joe Budden, “He Is Corny As Sh*t & Always Been Corny As Sh*t”


Meek Mill has much to celebrate. His album Dreams Worth More Than Money just went No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Chart, giving him his first No. 1 album of his career.

His album sold more than it was projected to, with over 216,000 copies in its first week. With his new success under his belt, Meek Mill stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club radio show and had a few cocky words for LHHNY rapper Joe Budden.

the Slaughterhouse emcee commented on Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s relationship last week during his podcast entitled

“I’ll Name This Podcast Later.”

“Part of my problem with Meek and Nicki is Meek’s music is too hard for me to look at him with this sappy f**k s**t,” he stated.

Both Meek and Nicki responded via Twitter, calling him a “noodle” and asking him why he’s “bothered by another man showing love to his girl.”

Meek Mill and Joe Budden had an small Twitter feud after Budden took to his podcast to express his thoughts on Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s relationship.

Budden called their relationship “sappy” and “nasty” and said that Meek’s music was “too hard” for him to be acting as sensitive as he is with Nicki Minaj.

He also said that the only reason Meek is so gushy over Minaj is because he’s not used to having women as “bad” as her.

Meek fired back on Twitter calling him an “old noodle” and saying Budden was just hating because his “rap money slowing up”.

He tweeted a warning, “Yall guys talk about other men too much..Don’t let my album do good..Ima change all that and expose how lame yall dudes really are!”

During a segment on The Breakfast Club, radio host Angela Yee brought up the issue, and as soon as Joe’s name was mentioned, Meek Mill gave them quite the earful.

“Joe Budden is corny as s*** and always been corny as s*** and always commenting on s*** and ain’t never did s***,” Meek stated.

“Dudes like that can’t come at me, I be feelin’ like ‘who are you to say this? Why do people like you think you are so bold about saying your opinion? You ain’t never did s*** in rap,'” he added.

“I make n****s wanna have a girlfriend, you make n****s don’t wanna have girlfriends because you did it wrong,” said the unbothered Meek Mill about Joe Budden.

“Stop talking about me and my girl on this podcast s***.”

Watch Meek Mill’s full interview with The Breakfast Club below.

Following all the hype around the situation, Budden attempted to clear up what he said.

During an interview at Hot 97, he said that he said what he said as a joke that got misconstrued by the media. He stated,

“Once the blogs got ahold of that, they wrote it out in the transcript and when you read it, you take that as a serious sentiment … I’m all for love.”

He went on to say,

“I’m all for Meek and Nicki’s love. I can’t even believe that this is a story all of these days later. But people are simpletons.”



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