50 Cent ‘Ordered To Pay $5 Million’ After Posting Sex Tape Of Rick Ross Kids Mom


Rapper 50cent must pay damages to Leviston, who has a daughter with Rick Ross, for two counts.

The first is for violating her civil rights by posting an image of her without her permission.

The second is for intentional affliction of emotional distress. Each count is $2.5 million.

50 Cent claims that his email was hacked and someone else released the tape to the web in March 2009.

The private sex tape was made in 2009 with her then-boyfriend, New Jersey man Maurice Murray. Murray then sold it to the G-Unit head boss.

Leviston, Rozay’s baby mama and the woman in the tape, is currently suing Mr. Jackson for violating her civil rights by publishing the tape and inflicting emotional harm.

She previously stated she was on the brink of suicide. Leviston’s lawyers claim 50 Cent used the sextape to shame his rival Rick Ross, drive traffic to Fif’s website and increase business.

Leviston had a child with rapper Rick Ross in 2003. The New York Daily News reportsthat 50 was in a two-hour pre-recorded questioning by Leviston’s lawyer Philip Freidin. Freidin claims the “21 Questions” rapper bragged about the tape in previous interviews but 50 Cent said he was exaggerating.

50 Cent’s lawyer, James Renard, claims this is a scam to getmoney from his client’s “deep pockets.” He also reiterates that

“the bottom line is, Mr Jackson is not the one who first published it.”

Also, 50 Cent allegedly added his own music to the tape and pixelated Murray’s face and replaced it with a cartoon character named Pimpin’ Curly, which was an animation of Fif in a wig and fur coat.

Things keep getting stranger.


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