Chris Brown’s Home Ransacked; Family Member Forced Into Closet At Gunpoint

chris Brown

Chris Brown’s house was hit early Wednesday morning again but this time in a home invasion robbery and the robbers held his aunt at gunpoint, locked her in a closet and turned the place upside down.

It went down at around 2 AM at the San Fernando Valley house Chris just bought.

Three armed men forced their way in the house and found the aunt, put a gun in her face and demanded that she not look at him.

Then the man ordered her to direct him around the home and point out any stashes of cash and safes. But she wasn’t able to direct him to the valuables.

That’s when the man ordered her into the closet and demanded that she remain inside until she could no longer hear noises, Vanegas said.

The men made off with electronics and cash.

Late Wednesday, police were reviewing surveillance video footage recovered from inside the home.

Law enforcement tells us the home invaders then ransacked the house, took money and other property and fled.

The aunt called 911 and cops raced to the scene, but the robbers were long gone.

Chris was at the Argyle, a club in Hollywood. The time codes indicate Chris got to the club around 12:30 AM and left at 2:13 AM…just as the break-in was going down.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the 3 home invasion robbers targeted the house knowing it was owned by Chris Brown.

We’re told when they were speaking with Chris’ aunt they told her they knew Chris owned the property.

Chris Brown knows exactly who’s behind the home invasion robbery because it was one of his homies at least according to Chris’ mother.

Sources close to Chris tell us his mom, Joyce Hawkins, has been warning him for years about people she calls

no good-ass friends” grown men who make their living as professional hangers-on to Chris.

We’re told the “friends” issue is part of the reason Chris and his mother have been beefing for years. Hours after the home invasion…Joyce tweeted, “Watch who you standing beside.”

Our sources say Joyce thinks Chris’ “friends” keep putting him in bad situations kind of a stereotypical Mom thing to say…but maybe appropriate in this situation

This is the second break in for the R&B singer in the last year. 21 year old Amira Kodcia Ayeb pleaded not guilty to felony burglary, stalking, and vandalism.

According to Brown, she reportedly painted her name on his cars and threw out his daughter’s clothes and dog’s belongings.

Brown’s aunt was not hurt. No suspects have been apprehended.

Chris Brown


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