Full Details On Young Thug & Birdman’s Alleged Involvement In Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Shooting


Young Thug was taken down by the U.S. Marshals Wednesday morning after allegedly threatening to kill a mall cop.

Law enforcement sources tell us, security at a Georgia mall asked Thug to leave…it’s unclear why.

The guards were escorting the rapper out of the mall when he allegedly said he was going to shoot one of them in the face.

At that point the real cops were called. Thug left before cops arrived and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The incident occurred last week, but it took until today for U.S. Marshals to track him down at a home outside the ATL and hook him up.



Indictments Are Out

According to Mike Petchenik of Atlanta’s WSB-TV, an indictment stemming from an April incident in which Wayne’s tour bus was shot at multiple times names Young Thug, Baby and a third individual as culprits in a conspiracy to assassinate Weezy on his tour bus in Cobb County, Georgia.






The alleged suspect, Jimmy Winfrey, who police say was the triggerman, was arrested in early June.

Full Details On Young Thug And Birdman’s Alleged Involvement In Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Shooting

Here’s a synopsis of the information contained in the indictment:

  •  On April 26, Lil Wayne was scheduled to perform at the Compound in Atlanta. Blood gang members associated with Young Thug, including Winfrey, left another Atlanta location and went to the Compound as Wayne was about to perform.
  • Cops noticed the group of Bloods as they pull up at Compound. The indictment highlights that Winfrey is driving a white 2015 Chevy Camaro. While he’s headed to Compound, Winfrey allegedly calls a phone belonging to Young Thug.
  •  “Fearing gang violence,” police escorted Wayne and his crew away from Compound and to Interstate 285. They also attempted to detain Winfrey, who ends up fleeing the scene in the aforementioned Camaro.
  • Winfrey again calls Thug while he’s allegedly trailing Wayne’s tour bus and the police escort.
  •  Police end their escort as Wayne’s bus exits Fulton County and enters Cobb County. Shortly thereafter, Winfrey and other Bloods enter 185 from Atlanta Road in Cobb County. The indictment alleges that “a white sports car” pulls up on the second bus and opens fire. Ultimately, both buses are hit with bullets before the white sports car exits the highway headed back into Atlanta via Interstate 75.
  •  While he’s traveling back into Atlanta, Winfrey makes a call to a cell phone belonging to Birdman.
  • Wayne’s buses choose not to stop for fear they would be shot at again. Instead, they head back to Atlanta and meet police at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.
  •  While still on the phone with Birdman, Winfrey leaves the Vault and heads to the Mandarin. There are no details on what exactly happens.
  •  Winfrey hides the Camaro and makes haste for Miami. He later tries to delete a picture of the car from his Instagram profile. Police later discover where he hid the Camaro, obtain a search warrant for a relative of Winfrey’s and recover the vehicle.

The full indictment can be viewed here:

Currently, Winfrey’s facing a litany of charges associated with the shooting and is due back in Cobb County court on Friday for a bond hearing.

To recap the last few months…. On April 26 of 2015 (not too far after the lawsuit), Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot at outside of an Atlanta nightclub.

No one was injured. On May 29th, Jimmy Carlton who was acting as Young Thug’s tour manager was arrested for allegedly shooting at Lil Wayne’s tour bus in April.

Thug and Birdman have not been charged with anything yet, but they’re being investigated for Bloods gang affiliations, and Thug’s video for “Halftime” is being used as evidence.

(In other news, Young Thug is currently being held in DeKalb County Jail after being arrested Wednesday morning on charges he threatened to shoot a mall security officer..)


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