Daylyt: Meek Mill “The Man That Put You On Got His Life Ghost Written For Him” + Celbs Go In On Beef


Daylyt says that Meek Mill’s stance of Drake allegedly using a ghostwriter is flawed.

“If you gonna discredit one nigga for being fake, discredit all the fake niggas,” says Daylyt.

Never one to let a scandal happen without somehow attaching his name to it, Daylyt has jumped into the Drake/Meek Mill ghostwriting beef.

The dispute started after Mill shot off a Twitter rant accusing Drake of having ghostwriters for his verses.

Daylyt took Drake’s side, calling him “a cool Canada dude” and bringing up the co-opted persona of Meek’s label-boss Rick Ross.

“How in the flying fuck are you gonna say you can’t fuck with Drake ’cause he not real when the nigga that signed you may be the fakest rapper known to fuckin’ mankind. I’m from fuckin’ L.A. nigga!

The nigga that signed you may be the fakest rapper of all time. You don’t fuck with Drake because he don’t write his own shit, but yet the nigga that signed you and the nigga you fuck with the most is living another nigga’s life.

There is a real man named Rick Ross that was “The Port oF Miami.” There is a real man by the name of Rick Ross that was a kingpin drug dealer. Drake can have all the ghostwriters he want.

The nigga that put you on and is your right-hand man got his life ghostwritten for him. His entire persona is a ‘ghostwrite.’ His entire character is something of somebody else’s.”

Daylyt closes by saying:

“If you gonna discredit one nigga for being fake, discredit all the fake niggas ’cause at the end of the day you one of the last real ones we got left my nigga. You from the bottom.”

It seems the drama between Drake & Meek Mill is heating up!

After Meek Mill’s cry baby rant on twitter last night where he attacked Nicki Minaj’s Ex “Safree”, Claimed Drake doesn’t write his own raps and alleged that Lil Wayne doesn’t ride for Drake the way Rick Ross rides for Meek, tons of celebs have begun to weigh in on the drama







Well it seems the city of Toronto has Drake’s back after Toronto Councilmen “Norm Relly” took to twitter to ban the Philly MC from stepping in his city again!


Drake has yet to respond to Meek Mill’s allegation that he doesn’t write his own lyrics

Update News: according to iget@em the magazine Quentin Miller (Drakes Ghostwriter)

Miller (black toque), hanging out with Drake and the OVO crew, in early 2015.

But realistically, what we should all be wondering is… who the hell is Quentin Miller? After a little research, here’s what I have been able to find out.


Q. Miller has been listed in the credits of many of Drake’s tracks, especially on his latest album, IYRTITL.

According to KTT, Miller started being spotted with the OVO crew about 7 months ago, and even received his own owl chain (the signature OVO piece).

Initial impressions were that he might be Drake’s latest signee.

He was gifted with a beat from Boi-1da (one of Drake’s go-to producers) for his latest project, Hey! Thanks A Lot 2, which dropped about 6 months ago. The project features a lot of similar, Drake-low bars. Stream below and judge for yourself (specifically track 3, 4, and 6)

Supporters are implying that he is credited, so he is not in fact a ghost writer, while the naysayers claim that Miller writes a majority of Drake’s bars.

His entire Soundcloud library was deleted shortly after appearing with OVO (it should be noted that this has been a common occurrence for OVO signee’s, to “start fresh”).

He is 1/2 of an Atlanta group called the “WDNG Crshrs”, who also dropped a tape,  about 5 months ago.

He is fairly known by quite a few Atlanta artists and figures, including producer Cardo, who recently plugged his album on Twitter.

His music has been featured on multiple music news sites, most notably 2DopeBoyz & Complex (none of them mentioning him as Drake’s writer)

This, is his hulkshare account, which contains tracks with samples that didn’t clear on Soundcloud.


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