Hot 97 Rival Charlamagne Tha God Calls Flex “Donkey Of The Day”, Ebro in the Morning respond


Ebro Darden of Hot 97’s “Ebro In The Morning” made sure to clarify that Meek’s absence on the show was not entirely Flex’s fault, and had some choice words for the Breakfast Club as well.

Since Flex did not deliver the record simply because he didn’t get the email he was expecting to get

As expected Charlamagne Tha God from Hot 97’s rival station, Power 105.1 joined in on the fun by naming Flex “Donkey Of The Day.”


“We specifically were told that Meek Mill had something for Flex last night, and we waited. And waited,” he said.

“And now y’all can go as hard as y’all want to go at Flex. We been through many wars here at Hot 97 before, nobody is afraid of y’all.

Matter of fact, yo Breakfast Club, Imma deal with y’all later,” Ebro affirmed.

He made sure to add that Breakfast Club wouldn’t be the station it is today if it weren’t for H0t 97.

“Your whole existence is based on coming on Hot 97 and talking about people here. Your entire existence.

I don’t care how much money iHeart put behind y’all.”


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