Superman Action Comics Just Took On Police Brutality In a Big Way

Action Comics V2 -1

This is big. With the recent advent of police brutality being caught on smart phone videos across the United States, and shared throughout social media

In a piece originally titled

“Superman Literally Bashes Police In New Comic”

and quickly changed to the slightly more neutral

“Superman fights the police in new comic paralleling Ferguson riots,”

For decades, Superman has fought for

“truth, justice, and the American Way,”

but according to some conservatives, that shouldn’t include standing up to violent cops.

In the comic book series Action Comics, Superman recently found himself squaring off against an army of riot police who came to his neighborhood to crackdown on peaceful protesters.


It doesn’t take much of a leap of imagination to draw a comparison to similar real-life examples including the highly criticized police response to protests in Ferguson after the shooting of an unarmed black teenager at the hands of a white police officer

In this new status quo, Superman hasn’t just lost his secret identity, but his costume and his heritage — locked out of the Fortress of Solitude, the one place on Earth with any connection to his homeworld, he has to contend with a world that knows who he is at a moment when he’s most vulnerable.

Action Comics

Most of his powers are gone — he’s still superhuman, but at this point he’s mostly just a really strong guy.

Now that he’s been outed, Superman’s relationship with everyone around him has completely changed. Some are supportive, and grateful, surprised to learn that he’s been living among them all along.

Others, however, have a chip on their shoulder, resenting all the supervillains that he has attracted.

Unfortunately for him, most of the angriest folks are cops.

Action Comics

What he does is punch a cop – but only after the police began indiscriminately attacking the protesters with the types of military-grade “non-lethal” weapons we’ve grown accustomed to in jarring images from Ferguson and beyond.


This quickly escalates into open conflict by the end of “Action Comics” #41, when a welcome home block party for Superman is about to be stormed by police in full riot gear while the de-powered hero tries to take on a massive monster several blocks away.


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