Meek Mill Said F*ck Ar-Ab & Drops New Drake Diss Song


The MMG rapper says his relationship with girlfriend Nicki Minaj is part of the reason for the beef with Drake.

Meek Mill says “Fuck Ar-Ab”

“How dare a Philly n***a d**k ride another ni**a from out of town,”

Meek retorted.

“See I don’t think it’s bout no rapping it’s about Nicki / He told us he was first in line but it got tricky / I still wake up with the lady that you said you first in line with,”

Mill raps, referencing Drake’s verse on Nicki Minaj’s “Only” where he says he’s first in line to sleep with her.

Meek Mill performed a new Drake diss verse at the Camden, New Jersey stop of “The Pinkprint Tour” yesterday (August 6), PMG Vids reports.

Camden is across the Delaware River from Mill’s hometown of Philadelphia. Meek Mill wore a red Philadelphia 76ers basketball jersey with the number 6, a nickname for Drake’s hometown of Toronto.

The MMG rapper says his relationship with girlfriend Nicki Minaj is part of the reason for the beef with Drake.

Meek Milly also clowned Drake for his lack of street credit, saying he didn’t really “Start From the Bottom,” like the rapper claims on his cut from Nothing Was The Same.

He also trolls Drake for his acting on Degrassi and says he is a snitch.

“See I represent the niggas the come from the bottom,” Mill raps.

“If you started from that, make some fucking noise / I said when I first seen my homie sitting in the casket / Is when I first went to get the ratchet / Shit is real, the fuck Drake sent you to do me like Emmett Till / And I can smell death in the air and you the kill / When you was still out in the field toting them Glocks / Man he was still wheelchair Jimmy rolling them blocks / My momma’s used to holding Berettas when they is hot / Your momma used to peek out the window and call the cops / And the nerve of y’all niggas, saying you started from the bottom / When the real niggas dying, cops kill them, not a crime / All that bullshit you selling, real niggas never buy / Uh, I got word from the six, niggas say you testify.”

Meek Mill Diss Philly Own Ar-Ab:

Meek Mills Drake Diss:


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