Ar-Ab Responds To Omelly Diss Track: “There’s Only But So Long A Fake Thug Can Pretend”


In a newly conducted interview by VladTv the OBH member responded to O’s diss track and continued to slam Meek badly.

Ever since AR-Ab and his OBH goons got involved in the feud between Meek Mill and Drake, the whole situation looks far more serious than a regular rap beef.

As for Omelly and the diss track he dropped AR-Ab called him the softest guy hanging out with Meek.

Omelly, he’s the softest one in Dreamchasers… He’s softer than Meek, he’s a coward. That’s Meek’s cousin, so he gotta say something to defend Meek honor.”

Ar-Ab claims people refer to Meek Mill as a “bum” and an “underdog” in Philly because of how he grew up.

“They watched how bad he had it back in the day. He the dirty kid that turned his life around,”

he remembers.

“I know everything about you – all the sucker s*** you did your whole life,” Ar-Ab says to Meek Mill. “You’s a b****, you’s a coward all your life.”

“We could never be friends again, ’cause you said ‘f*** me.,” he adds.


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