Philly Artist Dark Lo Gets Into The Rap Beef With Meek Mill & Omelly!! & Omelly Responds Via Twitter

Dark lo arab

“Aye meek F*** yu n***a suck a d**k p***y stop dry snitching on stage lil n***a!!

Yea I lost a couple homies to the game bcuz we don’t Twitter beef we beef in the streets wit killas yu ain’t on s**t n***a!! Let’s goooooo.”


“You n*ggas p*ssies, this ain’t about Drake/I don’t give a f*ck about Drake/When you see me you salute me,” Dark-Lo raps.

“Meek you a b*tch, f*ck Omelly/Y’all got our pics on your page, telling already/You got chased out the Northside/Then you start reppin’ Southside/On some rappin’ sh*t, n*ggas let it slide/You let it go to your head, I’ma let it fly/Crash a f*ck n*gga video shoot/On his block, three deep, what he gonna do/Except run for his life, I ain’t even shoot/TMZ got the footage, we ain’t even move/Omelly, stop bluffin’, let’s meet cousin/N*ggas only know you ’cause you Meek cousin” (“Warm Ups”)



Omelly Responds Via Twitter:



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